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An assembled printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic device in which the circuit is plated onto a laminated board. The board then has holes drilled into it, into which conventional electronic components are placed and soldered to complete the circuit. Small ‘surface mount’ components can also be mounted directly onto the circuit. Advances in printed circuit board technology have enabled many military, civilian and domestic products to be greatly reduced in size over the last decade. PCBA design has been evolved in an amazing way and revitalized the latest technology.

We have installed the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) in our unit, now, instead of using wire leads to pass through the hole, components come with small end caps that are soldered into the PCBA surface. Components placement on single/both sides of the PCBA was the common choice than through-hole technology, providing a much larger circuit density with relative smaller PCBA assembly. Surface mount components are 10 times smaller than through-hole components, making them an ideal choice for most of the applications. Surface mounted devices have an advantage over through-hole devices because of low cost and compact design.

We ensure the following benefits through use of SMT:

a.Reduced board cost, reduced material handling costs, and a controlled manufacturing process.

b.Routing of traces is reduced, the size of the board is reduced, and number of drilled holes are also reduced.

c.The expanded between inter-package spacings made possible by littler surface mount parts and a decrease in the quantity of bored gaps may likewise reduce the quantity of layer counts in the printed circuit board. This will again bring down the board cost.