Bhagwati Products Limited

Mobile Phone

India is the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer after China. And with the current pace of growth, India is not far from becoming the leading handset market in the world. According to the Indian Cellular Association (ICA), the annual production of mobile phones within the country has increased from 3 million devices in 2014 to 11 million devices in 2017. India now accounts for 11 percent of global mobile production, which was only 3 percent in 2014.

We are an active OEM in this segment and we manufacture both smart phones and feature phones. Mobile phone manufacturing requires controlled environment and testing mobile devices requires special equipment and methodology. We enjoy a valuable relationship with our existing customers and we look forward to cater to potential customers.

The Indian government have also announced the Phased Manufacturing Programme (PMP) to promote domestic production of mobile handsets. This initiative is helping build a robust indigenous mobile manufacturing ecosystem in India, and incentivize large scale manufacturing. The PMP has successfully helped in nudging companies to move towards manufacturing from direct imports.