Bhagwati Products Limited


LED television is modern entertainment technology device that utilizes a series of light emitting diodes for representing a clear back light display of television. LED televisions are vigorous sets for high-definition picture delivery, they are screens made up of thousands of extremely bright LED lights. Due to the small size and low power consumption of LEDs, LED-backlit TVs are far thinner than regular LCD sets and are also more energy efficient. They also provide a wider colour gamut, producing more vivid pictures.

We have a customer base to whom we cater the manufacturing of LED TV and LED Panel thereof. We manufacture them in various sizes and with various resolutions like HD Ready, FHD, UHD and features like Smart TVs and Android powered TVs.

We are looking forward to expand our customer base and to focus on enhancement of design capabilities, and as an initial step to this we have starter manufacturing of LED TV Panels too.