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  • Research & Development:

Research and development – R&D – is the process by which a company works to obtain new knowledge that it might use to create new technology, products, services, or systems that it will either use or sell.

Our Company is focused on R&D and is constantly working towards achieving excellence in the manufacturing processes and its products through the application of the same.

R&D function is integrated in our manufacturing facilities, to reap the maximum benefits and to provide the value added service to our customers. Our R&D team continuously aims at providing innovative solutions to improve manufacturing efficiency on the existing products, reducing the production costs.

  • Tactical & Strategic Sourcing:

Over the time we have a strengthened sourcing activity in both tactical and strategic levels. We are continuously identifying and assessing potential suppliers as well as selecting and engaging with appropriate suppliers who offers the best value. We have access to and have built relationships with domestic and international suppliers.

The sourcing team ensures that the procurement of raw materials are strictly in sync with the quality standards laid down, yet at competitive rates and the time schedules laid down by our customers are adhered to.

  • Effective & Efficient manufacturing processes:

Our company ensures that  the materials and labour, or any other input, is used in the most effective and efficient way possible within an organization – thus maximizing the output.

Process refinement is continuously done in order to improve and evolve, thus resulting in achievement of top notch results. General factory management and equipment maintenance management are the basic activities we pursue to achieve the effective & efficient manufacturing processes. We also integrate strategic policies, material planning, production and cost control principles in our processes.

We have an optimal mix of the following skill sets to achieve the best process in the industry:

  • Organizational abilities
  • Analytic capabilities/understanding of process
  • Coordination of processes
  • People skills
  • Creativity
  • Tech-savviness

All our process refinement results in cost-effective solutions and reduced wastage of resources thus providing optimal output. Our ability to deliver the quality products to our customers is driven by the commitment to continuously control and improve our manufacturing process.

  • Cost Effective:

An efficient sourcing system, following by a refined manufacturing process and the introduction of backward integration has helped in achieving cost effectiveness in all our products. We strive to be the most cost-efficient in each of the product verticals.

We have adopted flexibility in manufacturing process giving us optimum capacity utilisation levels. This approach helps to achieve Cost Leadership across all our product segments in the market, and result in benefits to our Customers.

  • Backward Integration:

Backward Integration allows businesses to obtain control over suppliers and improve supply chain efficiency. This backward movement is initiated to ensure supply along with securing bargaining leverage on vendors. Through the control of more of its supply chain, we bring down the costs as well as guarantee access to key materials. We have started backward integration by setting up in-house Surface Mount Technology (SMT) & Moulding machine for manufacturing PCB & plastic components of various products. The important advantage of SMT in manufacturing includes reduced board cost, reduced material handling costs, and a controlled manufacturing process.